Sound on Sound Magazine Dissects the Influence of Room on Drum Recordings


Sound on Sound Magazine went pretty deep and thorough on this one. I feel like in recent years with smaller budgets, easier home recording solutions, and fantastic sounding drum VSTs, the art of finding a proper drum room for a recording has been slightly lost (at least in the more extreme genres, pop and radio rock will always get that big ol’ budget.)

Anyhow, Sound on Sound recruited producer Tommaso Colliva and drummer Alex Reeves to conduct an experiment using the same drummer, kit, song, etc. but change rooms for each sample to demonstrate the difference that room size, shape, height, etc. of each room has on the overall drum sound. These recordings were done using one of those super scary looking Neumann binaural head things and the differences are pretty insane. Kind of makes you want to think twice now about going to your uncle’s tool shed to track drums for your next fire mixtape.

You can read the full article here.

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