SARAH LONGFIELD’S Reimagined Cover of “Reimangined” by THE CONTORTIONIST Will Have You Singing Along


What happens when the internet’s favorite guitarist makes a cover of prog nerds’ favorite band? Why, something mind-blowing and sick of course! YouTube guitarist Sarah Longfield sings, shreds, and drums in this cover of “Reimagined” by The Contortionist. Usually, Sarah plays her Strandberg or ukelele for covers, but decided to gear up for this full cover! Also, there’s an adorable pup in there providing tail wags as needed.

Aside from making some pretty sick covers, her solo work has been keeping her busy. For more covers and originals from Sarah, check out her Bandcamp and if you haven’t, listen to Clairvoyant from The Contortionist, because it’s a gnarly album.

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