Paul Bostaph Stares Up at God, Explains the Drum Setup for Slayer’s New Record

Seriously, what’s up with the God camera on the ceiling? Are you filming your one on one conversations with the Lord, or perhaps a waffle that you’ve mistaken for the Lord? Yes, I know it’s likely used to allow the recording engineer to see and communicate with musicians in whatever iso room, or far corner of the live room, Paul Bostaph is double-kicking away in, but it still seems like an awkward spot.


Well anyway, here’s Paul in the studio, tracking new Slayer. It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard him in the throne with this band. Over a decade, in fact. He gives a full rundown of every piece in his kit, which consists of classic Yamaha Birch Recording Customs for the toms, but the bass drums are the brand new Absolute Hybrid Maple. The rest of the kit consists of Remo heads and Paiste Rude cymbals, including the new Basher crash. The full rundown is below, including some warm-up footage.

Source: Blabbermouth 

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