One of These 5 Shredders Will Be the Next JamPlay Instructor, but The Choice Is in Your Hands

Well, it’s time. Regular Gear Gods readers, and good souls who know that learning is fundamental, are likely aware that we’ve had a contest running in conjunction with They’re looking for a new instructor to film hours of top-quality lessons with, and we as a community are going to provide one. For the past month we’ve been accepting submissions from viewers like you. Now we’ve chosen the cream of the crop, the top five creamers, and we’ve siphoning that cream on to you.


Below are The Final 5. It’s up to you now. It’s your job to choose the best instructor from the batch, and vote on them in the poll below. Remember, your job is not to select the greatest shredder, but the one who can impart the knowledge of shredding with the most skill. The greatest teacher. Less Bruce Lee, more Mr. Miyagi.

So it’s on you now. I’m sure you want to see hours of lessons from one of these 5 guitar wizards. Let the 5 following videos soak into you. Learn all you can. And then choose your guru. Voting ends at midnight on October 1st.

UPDATE: We have a winner. Congratulations to Joseph Chawki.

Eli Santana

Joseph Chawki

Mendel bij de Leij

Ray Suhy

Rebecca Scammon

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