Nothing Kept Me From Watching Nothing

Like many of you, I haven’t really had any serious thoughts about terrestrial radio since Howard Stern left for satellite radio in 2006. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of independent stations in the U.S. that support good music, and consistently have great programming.


KEXP is a Seattle community public radio station based at the University of Washington that falls under that umbrella. They first came on my radar when I noticed that they were bringing in some of the best bands from the metal underground – like Red Fang and Baptists – to play a little set in-studio, which they would record, film, and put online. In my opinion, this is a great use of expertise, equipment, and programming initiative that is a huge benefit to bands, who can add a professionally recorded performance to their electronic universe of accessible material. Used to be that if you wanted a wider audience to see what your band looked like, you’d have to drop 100 grand on a video that MTV might play at 3AM.

Anyway, I missed this a week or so back when it went up, but new Relapse signings Nothing visited KEXP earlier this summer and dropped a dirty set. Check it out below:

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  • I really like this band but dang those are some out of key vocals. Also having little to no verb on the vocals doesn’t help the sound either.

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