NAMM 2015 – Fryette Amplification’s New 1-Watt Head, Power Amps, and Speakers

I’ve made no secret about how badly I’ve been jonesing for Fryette’s new Valvulator GP/DI to come out. The little 1-watt desktop/recording/etc. head turned out to be a lot shinier in person, as compared to the layout mock-ups I’ve seen online.


They also showed off the new Power Station attenuator/power amp that Gear Gods just covered, and the new Deliverance head that has an effects loop. Did you know that it also has a footswitchable gain boost now, effectively turning it into almost a 2-channel amp (well, 1 and a half anyway)? Because I sure didn’t.

But the other big news is that Fryette is partnering with a new speaker company, Fane Acoustics. They were pretty excited about the power they could get out of those speakers. I wish I could have heard one away from the show floor, and at a decent volume.

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  • Fane isn’t a new company, they were established in 1958!

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