Fryette’s Deliverence Has an Effects Loop Now

Some how I missed this a few months back, but Freyette (formerly VHT) have a serial effects loop mod for their Deliverance amp now. Fryette’s Pittbulls and Sig:X get more play in the scene, mainly because the Deliverance is a single channel amp. But personally, I think the Deliverance, especially the 120 watt version, is the best amp they’ve ever put out. It can actually get clean as hell if you set it right, so a lot of lower gain players tend to use them as pedal amps, but that one channel can also get fucking Brutal if you set it right. I think it’s the only amp that competes with the Bogner Ubershcall Twin Jet and Soldano SLO100 for the crown of “most kick-ass metal amp.”


This series effects loop isn’t just great for folks who want to add some delay after the preamp (which personally I think is a must for high gain). It also adds a lot of versatility because you can sidestep the single channel limitation. With a good low gain preamp and a signal router you can now add some extra channels, yet still be all Deilverance all the time when the need for metal calls to you.

Oh, and by the way, if you ever want to blend your bass tone with a distorted guitar amp and run them parallel, the Deliverance is the best amp I have ever heard for this purpose. I think it’s because the tubes are KT88s, the same type of tubes (essentially) as the 6550s that all the major tube bass amps use. To be fair though I’ve never tried an Ubershall Twin Jet for this purpose, and that sucker also has KT88s. That’d be a shootout I’d pay to see. Unfortunately the amount I’d have to pay would be almost $5000. Anyone want to spot me?

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