Manufacturing a Framus Custom Guitar Involves Cutting these Miniscule Fret Markers

The Framus/Warwick custom shop uploaded this video which shows the start to finish (pun intended) manufacturing process for a Wolf Hoffman signature guitar. I’m sure you’ve seen a guitar being sanded and lacquered and such before, but I’m going to lose some Gear Gods cred because I had no idea what went into making intricate little fret markers like these. He’s cutting that shit with a manual hand saw? Are you kidding me? And he has to do that like 8 more times? I guess I always assumed space-age cyborgs used their heat vision or something.


You know what else is weird? I’m watching the video, as this dude from Candlemass goes over the features of his Wolf Hoffman signature guitar, but wait, Wolf Hoffman plays guitar in Accept, not Candlemass. Then I realized the guy in the video is Mats “Mappe” Björkman, aka the lesser of two Björks. So let me get this straight, Framus invite the guitarist from Candlemass over to talk about a custom guitar, but it’s someone else’s custom guitar? I mean, he took the floyd out, changed the color, removed the single coil neck pickup, and decorated the neck with not just his band’s iconography but his own fucking name, but sorry, it’s still Wolf’s signature guitars, not yours Mappe. Take your delicate little skulls and go home.

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