It’s no secret that Balaguer Guitars are pretty dang sick. From their vast array of models to their impressive artist roster, the company has been on a steady climb for quite a while now. But what really wets our whistle is their online builder, where you can design and order your very own custom guitar! So, you guessed it, Trey sat down and ordered a semi-custom Balaguer guitar! You can see the full scope of what’s possible on their online builder, and get an idea of what happens after you place your order. And the build that Trey ended up with is pretty dang sick if we do say so ourselves, but you’ll have to let us know what you think. Check it!


Be sure to follow Balaguer Guitars on Facebook and Instagram, and if you thought for one SECOND you were gonna leave without giving your own guitar design a whirl first, THINK AGAIN BUSTER.

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