Kevin Antreassian from Backroom Studios Presents “Things Your Engineer Should NEVER Say”

Giving your hard earned money to somebody and putting them in charge of bringing your musical vision to fruition is kind of a scary fucking thing…


Luckily for us in the audio world, most of the bullshit artists (or engineers in this case) sink to the bottom and most of the “pretty okay” guys float around the mid-upper mid-level with a few BAMFs (bad ass mother f*ckers) surfacing at the very top. Sadly for most people, those BAMFs are way too expensive and many of us are left to roll the dice on the mid-level audio “professionals.”

In my experience, MOST dudes can keep it together and deliver a pretty stellar product even if they’re not hanging with the likes of Chris Lorde-Alge or Rick Rubin. However, there are certain nightmare scenarios that some of us find ourselves in that make us ask questions such as “why did I give this guy my money” or “why the fuck did I decide to be a musician?” or perhaps even “why haven’t I killed this engineer and myself yet? I can’t believe this is such a fucking disaster!”

Kevin Antreassian from Backroom Studios (and ex-Dillinger Escape Plan) has compiled a reel of the aforementioned “nightmare scenarios” in this very funny and very unnerving video. Enjoy!

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