JOE SATRIANI Puts Custom Art Work On His Signature Ibanez JS Guitars

Joe Satriani hit the studio – the art studio that is – to do some custom hand drawn art work on some of his signature guitars. The first run of these type of guitars used a black body, but Joe said he wanted to use a white body this time so that the artwork would look more 3D. The white bodies also help the colors pop a lot more. The inspiration for the drawings on the guitars came from when he was working on his record The Extremist. After being in the studio all day, he would go back to his hotel room and do sketches of how he saw himself or felt after tracking the record all day. Joe drew on a total of 76 bodies, so these are extremely limited! Make sure to check out for more info.


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Lucas majored in Guitar/Music Technology at the University of Louisiana. He now uses this degree to decorate his wall.

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