HERMAN LI of DRAGONFORCE Plays Underwater Guitar Solo on Full Metal Cruise VII

I’ve seen a lot of shit in my day, but this one kinda takes the cake…


On the Full Metal Cruise VII at the beginning of this month the Dragonforce shred master Herman Li decided to take things to the next level (or should I say, below the next level) by strapping on his guitar with proper floatation devices, equipping himself with a snorkel, and ripping some leads in a dang ol’ pool. While these weren’t some of the most cleanly executed parts I think we can cut the dude a break. I mean, he was in a fucking pool after all.

Via Ultimate-Guitar.com Li says:

“It’s not a trick that I have practiced for over a year. I tried it in my own pool at home, but that was a year ago, and I haven’t had a chance on this tour to practice it.”

“And the idea came… You know, the underwater guitar solo was cool, but I didn’t play in the water long enough, because there’s only how long I can hold my breath for.”

“So this time we’re gonna do an underwater snorkeling guitar solo, where I’ll play over a minute of a guitar solo in the water, breathing through a snorkel, with just my hands coming above the water, with my special customized waterproof guitar that Ibanez Custom Shop built for me.”

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