Gorguts/Origin Drummer John Longstreth Shares his Vacation Footage

It looks like Origin and Gorguts skinsman John Longstreth had a lovely time on his trip through Mexico with Cattle Decapitation‘s drummer David McGraw. They taught at a few Play Xtreme clinics, road in buses down sunny streets, and generally enjoyed each other’s company.


Longstreth is likely promoting this footage now because his Indiegogo campaign to fund an instructional DVD is about to end in a few days. You’d think the Baja sun would have tanned some relaxation into him, because at the time that I’m writing this news post there’s less than $300 to go. But I guess if you spend all day playing double kick at 5 billion beats per minute, chilling out doesn’t come easily.

This is the second video I’ve posted today wherein someone talks about how drummers shouldn’t be babies when forced to play on unfamiliar kits. Completely unintentional.

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