Every Time I See Kurt Ballou Record Guitar Parts, Well…

Epitaph Records has posted the second part of their video series documenting the making of Every Time I Die’s new album, From Parts Unknown. Which is of course, for everyone else, an excuse to watch the master Kurt Ballou at work in his GodCity dojo.


In this episode, we dive into guitars. The focus is less about recording than it is about the band’s riff-writing process as well as Andy Williams and Jordan Buckleys’ interweaving styles. Check It Out!

If you haven’t listened to From Parts Unknown yet, well, I feel bad for you son, but it’s streaming below, also courtesy Epitaph Records. You really need to get on this record, especially if you haven’t listened to Every Time I Die before – it’s one of our favorite releases this year, and its a real step forward for the band.

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