Drum Rudiments: Vic Firth Orders a “Shirley Murphy”

Sometimes you just need a drum corps video. I try to keep things fairly metal around here. My stereo is constantly blasting the sound of the wind blowing through the mountains of Norway, so I can picture them in my mind. But metal drummers are busy touring or drinking, and generally don’t take the time to do tutorial videos that boost your chops up to a height that scales those Norwegian summits.


So yeah, I feel like we’ve been lacking in pro-tips for your sticking betterment. But Vic Firth have you covered. Instructor Mike Huestis may not play grind beats in Corpsefucker or Pummeling the Afterdecay or some shit, but the dude knows how to play R-L-L-R-R-R-L-R-R-L-L-L like a fucking champ. Here he is breaking down the “Shirley Murphy,” which is a hybrid rudiment. Vic Firth has a whole series on these. Like literally more than 50 lessons. So if this floats your boat to the shores of Norway then get a free ticket for the rest of the ships here.

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