50 Shades of Blast Beat – KEVIN PARADIS Demonstrates Every Type Of Blast Beat

This is a really cool idea from Kevin Paradis; he has put together a video displaying all the different variations of the sacred blast beat – who knew there were so many different types? Check it out-


The blast-beat has been in existence for a long time now, usually credited to grind grandfathers Napalm Death (although many say it was just them who coined the term and had been around beforehand). It’s a type of beat most often used in aggressive music due to its fast pace and in-your-face onslaught of hits which is why it is so perfect; you don’t usually find it anywhere else in music other than metal. Some people can’t vibe with them as they are not the most accessible nor do they provide a standard rhythm that may fit in a chorus or classic songwriting, but who cares?! In my opinion, they certainly have their place and there is good reason as to why bands have gone on to really use them to the best of their ability and create some of the most pummelling and aggressive music of all time.

Kevin has got down to the fine intricacies of this drum beat to show you how versatile they are and how much fun you can have while playing them and introducing them into your catalogue of beats. He breaks apart each one by playing it for you while notating it and the bottom of the screen so you can try and figure out exactly what the heck is going on. He seems to have his blasts down and can change between them as easily as he changes his shirts.

Just like 50 Shades of Grey it gets a bit kinky – at one point Kevin uses a long tube to blowintoo his snare drum in order to change the sound of the hits, a gravity blast while doing this sounds pretty ridiculous, someone let me know if any bands have actually used this on record?!

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