Tuning your guitar may seem like a straightforward and basic thing to most guitarists – you hit the string, you watch where the needle lands, you turn the peg til the needle is in the middle. But then why, sometimes, does your playing still sound out of tune? It’s because you don’t know the BEST way to tune your guitar!

This video shows you the absolute best practices for tuning your guitar so that it will sound right, every time.

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  • Right on, repeated picking is the way to tune. But there’s so much more you could have covered here. Tuning *up* to the note, rather than down. How guitars are inherently flawed and will never be truly in tune up and down the neck. You only tuned one string, so it’s unclear how tuning to the sustained note makes you out of tune – out of tune with what? yourself? others?

    • In tune with whatever hertz the notes is suppose to be if your using a tuner like that I guess. But unless everybody picks the same aren’t they going to be out of tune with each other for every note that lasts longer than maybe an 8th note? And if different strings pitch shift different amounts from your picking you’ll be out of tune with yourself if you strum something like an open chord.

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