Retro Drum Tab: Two Charts from Gorguts’ Classic Record Obscura

Retro notes are the best notes. There’s something almost reverent about their age, the individual handmade marks. It’s like opening up some ancient, forbidden holy manual. While none may be as sacred as Flemming Rasmussen’s recording journals from the Metallica Ride the Lightning sessions, decade-and-a-half-old drum charts from Obscura-era Gorguts drummer Patrick Robert* are still pretty cool.


These charts popped up on the Gorguts Facebook page recently. They include sections of the “Earthly Love” as well as the title track to the album. It’ll be a bummer when in another 16 years there’ll be only old .PDF files to look at when we discover classic sheet music. Everyone, do us a solid and print them out now so they can at least get a bit yellowed.

*So I guess whenever his name is listed last name first, people assume they’re dealing with the T-1000.




“Earthly Love”


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