The AVH Meshuggah Guitarchive Walks You Through Installing EMG 57/66 Pickups and a Ghost Piezo

We all have our gaps of gear ignorance. Igearance. Mine is guitar electronics. I have soldered before, but rarely, and not well. If you gave me a set of pickups, especially active ones, and asked me to install the little motherbuckers I’d be clueless.


Fortunately we have enterprising folks on the internet, people who will walk you through pretty much anything. No seriously, anything. But let’s get back on the subject of shit you’d actually want to know how to do. The AVH Guitar Repair / Meshuggah Guitarchive (who appreciate a good portmanteau as much as I do) documented, in great detail, the installation of my favorite EMG pickups, the 57/66 pair. And in the process they also install a Ghost Piezo.

There are almost as many instructional photos as there are words in the article, and I almost feel like I could do this myself after reading it. Well, almost. If I didn’t have stupid fingers. But for you, totally doable. So why not give it a read?

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