JOHN PETRUCCI Visits Sweetwater’s Guitar Gallery And Checks Out Their 55-Point Inspection!

The man needs no introduction at this point.


John Petrucci recently took a trip to the Sweetwater headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana to check out their guitar gallery and setup process. It’s nothing short of absolutely massive, and the personal inspection of each instrument that the company ships out is truly something to admire. John also hung out with guitar tech Atticus who was taking one of John’s new 2019 Ernie Ball Music Man Majestys through the Sweetwater 55-point inspection. As you can tell from the video, this axe was squeaky clean, and Atticus even laid down some sweet, soulful tuneage with John on the thing. Pretty sick to see the attention to detail here, and even cooler to watch the God himself experience it in person.

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