Gear Gods recently collaborated with pop/rock producing/songwriting/engineering badass Warren Huart of Produce Like A Pro to discuss Trey’s Top 5 METAL Production Tips Part 1 (that means there’s a Part 2 coming!). Hint hint, Mr. Huart has worked with the likes of The Fray, Aerosmith, Ace Frehley, and loads more, not including his work in film and television. There’s a wealth of production knowledge between him and Trey so grab some paper and a pen and open your earholes; you gon’ learn today.

Part 1 focuses on metal bass and guitar production, featuring Trey’s pointers on crafting a crushing heavy guitar tone and an impactful bass tone that’s both defined and snarling. Don’t forget, a metal guitar tone is really only as good as the bass tone gluing everything together. So if producing a great sounding metal record is your goal, applying these concepts from the get-go will set you on the most appropriate path to glory and fame (results may vary).

If you’re just getting into the home recording game, Produce Like A Pro is an excellent place to start learning. Intended to help beginners make quality recordings on the cheap, it’s a superior educational resource provided by one the industry’s top dawgs. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out Warren’s Top 5 POP Songwriting Tips for Metalheads. Because hooks are a good thing.

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