Good Tiger Pick Their Five Favorite 90’s Riffs

Good Tiger (the new project featuring members of a bunch of bands you probably love, like TesseracT and Architects UK) are notorious riffers, so we reached out to the band to get their thoughts on the best riffs from a decade not normally known for them. Check out the band’s picks below and order their new record, “A Head Full of Moonlight” via Metal Blade’s Blacklight Media imprint.


The 90s were packed full of amazing riffs. Each of these bands has enough to fill a list of their own, so this was no easy task. I’m sure I’ve missed out some complete bangers, but that’s how things go.

Soundgarden – 4th of July

One of the dirgey-est (new word) riffs I can think of. Seeing this live is a thing to behold. While it is as heavy as it is, it still carries a great sense of melody through its lumbering moroseness.

Alice In Chains – Man In The Box

I find it very difficult to imagine this riff being played without all members of the band topless, all wearing blue jeans….while this might sound like a mild fantasy of mine I can assure you that’s not the case.

Megadeth – Lucretia

Choosing which Megadeth riff from Rust In Peace was probably the hardest decision I had to make. They are all as amazing as I thought they were the first time I heard them. Obviously all of Friedman’s solos were equally awesome, it’s the riffs that really got me, and Lucretia is one tasty pie.

Rage Against The Machine – Vietnow

Tom Morello has always had a skill of getting the perfect tone for the riff at hand. Not the most complicated by any means, just a great feel, great tone and a great drumbeat to go with it. It is probably worth saying that all of these riffs are only as good as the arrangements around them.

Living Colour – Ignorance Is Bliss

Stain has killer riffs front to back, but the shuffle feel on Ignorance Is Bliss scratches that itch you never knew you had. Vernon Reid is an extremely difficult guitarist to emulate, from his feel, sense of melody and everything in between.

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