TOONTRACK Releases THRASH METAL MIDI Pack as Metal Month Rages On

Toontrack has unveiled the next release in its 2017 Metal Month lineup, the Thrash Metal MIDI pack! For when you need instant thrash metal grooves and fills, you’ve got hundreds of parts ready to drop into your track. As a guy who does a lot of pre-pro and songwriting, having a ton of these kinds of libraries on hand makes my life so much easier.


Here’s all the info you need about the pack:

Umeå, Sweden, November 7, 2017.
Today, Toontrack announced the Thrash Metal MIDI pack, a collection of drum grooves and fills inspired by thrash metal from the ’80s through to today. This marks the sixty-seventh individual title in Toontrack’s ever-growing line of drum MIDI and the second release of the company’s annual Metal Month campaign that launched last week.

About the Thrash Metal MIDI pack
This collection of MIDI grooves and fills takes a headfirst plunge into the deep realms of thrash metal music from the late ’80s through to today. Delivering a battery of piercing brutality that encapsulates all the conservative traits of the genre, but also adding elements and ideas that upend the sometimes narrow confines of the style, this pack is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a solid yet versatile foundation of beats for use in any thrash or broad-scope metal context.

Get the classic rampant two-beats and all the pummeling mid-tempo grooves to go with them, but at the same time a creative take on intros, tom grooves and fills. Force, ingenuity and sheer brutality – this collection comes up short on none.

• Drum grooves and fills inspired by thrash metal music
• Performed by professional drummer
• Approx. 460 individually played files
• 4/4 in straight and/or swing feel
• Tempos ranging from 120 BPM to 240 BPM
• Song structure categorization (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, fills, etc.)

Find more information here:

About Toontrack and Metal Month 2017
Toontrack is a developer of software for music production, widely acclaimed for its attention to quality, design and innovation. In 1999, Toontrack changed the industry with the groundbreaking drum sample library Drumkit From Hell. Today, the company is world-leading in sampled drums and has extended its product range to include mix tools, software piano instruments and a wide assortment of expansion content. Some of Toontrack’s most known brands include EZdrummer 2, Superior Drummer 2, EZmix 2 and EZkeys. Metal Month is Toontrack’s annual celebration of all things related to metal music, a genre that is firmly rooted within the company’s history and products. For this year’s edition, Toontrack just announced November 21 as the release date for The Rock Foundry SDX, an expansion produced by Bob Rock for the recently released Superior Drummer 3. In addition, yet-to-be-announced titles will be revealed on a weekly basis through the month. Toontrack is also offering generous deals and happenings all through Metal Month.

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