Making Pedals Sound SH*TTY With THAT PEDAL SHOW


The boys of That Pedal Show are known for teaching their audience how to make pedals sound like absolute gold. That’s why they have their show – to save you from bad tone. Dan and Mick are also great guitarists, which makes good tone even better.

At Thomann Gearhead University last week, I wanted to issue them the ultimate challenge – can we make a pedalboard sound shitty? Can we take some normally great pedals, and tweak the available parameters in a way that sounds bad? Can we get unusable sounds from them? That’s the hardest part – every sound, even really “bad” ones, have some kind of contextual use.

So that’s what we set out to do in this video – I feel like I succeeded at least a little bit, and making Dan cringe is one of my proudest moments.

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