The Ups And Downs of Headless Guitars!


Headless guitars are something I never thought I’d see come back around. I wasn’t really around the first time they were in vogue (I’m not that old, goddamnit…) but it seems like they might be even more popular this time. I’m willing to bet that Steinberger never sold as many at their zenith as we’re seeing with Strandberg Bodens and Kiesel Vader/Zeus/Osiris models (I haven’t done any actual research on this or seen any numbers, just an observation).

But what is the appeal of this odd trend? What is it about headless guitars that make people want them over a “traditional” guitar? And is it all improvements, or are there some downsides as well?

In this video, I explore the various features of headless guitars that make them desirable – or not!

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