THE MONTH IN GEAR #1 – KSR Eros/Neural Cory Wong/EZKeys Hybrid Harp and MORE!

As a gear reviewer, it can be pretty frustrating to see all the cool stuff coming out knowing there’s just no way to get to all of it. There’s loads of reasons why it’s just not plausible, not the least of which is the sheer amount of time it would take and the volume of new gear/plugins/sample libraries being dropped all the time.


So I recently had a bit of a, what’s it called, you know, a headache with pictures? Anyway I was like, why not try and hit all the little things that, for one reason or another, I’m just not going to be able to do a full video on each – in ONE video! Do a tight 2-3 minutes on each one, demonstrate the essential functions and sounds, and get it in front of the people!

Hence, The Month in Gear was born. Not so much a literal month as a month-ish, I’ll be rounding up stuff for you as I’m able to get it and dropping it in one big demo-stravaganza.

In this episode, Episode 1, I go over the Amplitube Joe Satriani plugin, the Source Audio C4 synth pedal (super duper not new, but it’s new to me I guess?), the EZKeys Hybrid Harp instrument from Toontrack, Neural DSP’s Cory Wong amp sim, STL Tones Howard Benson plugin CLA presets, the FREE plugin of the month Valhalla Supermassive, Soundiron’s new Didgeridoos sample library, and the Eros boost/EQ/OD pedal from KSR Amps. A pretty good lineup for our first episode, I must say.

Look for new episodes every month, only right here on Gear Gods!

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