CHRIS LORD-ALGE On IN FLAMES “Clayman” Re-Recordings: “If You’re Mad About It, Then Listen To The Originals”


On Episode 17 of The Gear Gods Excessive Nerd Shit Podcast, we sat down with easily the most prolific and critically acclaimed mix engineer of all time – Chris Lord-Alge. We covered his brand new presets pack for the STL Tones Howard Benson TONALITY guitar amp sim plugin, his working philosophy, and among other things, the recent public reaction to his mixes of the re-recorded In Flames tracks from their Clayman 2020 20-year anniversary album.

Chris had this to say regarding critics of the mixes:

I’m not really concerned with copying the old sound, I’m just trying to make the new sound feel more current. So, you know, they can be mad about it, but look – if you’re mad about it, listen to the originals.

Check out the full interview above for an in-depth and insightful interview into the mind of one of the greats.

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