WINTERSUN – Jari Teases “The Forest That Weeps (Summer)” in Guitar/Vocal Playthrough


The hype train keeps on chugging, and now that we’re only two weeks out from The Forest Seasons‘s release, Jari had to torture us all with this sick snippet of “The Forest That Weeps (Summer).” I mistook the first lyric as “I am the best in the morning / I am the boss,” and caught myself nodding and pumping my fist in agreement.

As short as it may be, this playthrough teaser is as well-produced as anything Wintersun does. The visuals are stunning, a major part of which, I think, is that Daemoness Jari’s rocking these days. Yowza.

While I’ve been critical of Jari’s methods in the past, I’m still as excited as ever for The Forest Seasons. If you haven’t already, preorder packages are still available from Nuclear Blast. Let’s get stoked for new Wintersun, ya’ll.

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