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And talks about his first (sort of) nice bass that he ever owned, in the process.

An overdrive, improved by removing the overdrive. Curious?

Christofer Malmström is thinking "I'd like to make what's Mechanically Div-mine Mechanically Div-yours." Or that's what he would think if

Dan may own his own record label, but when will he open a bed and breakfast called "Between the Berries

I'm sure they'll let you jam on their gear whenever you want. After all, what's Thine is yours.

There's a fine line between overdrive and overkill.

Some fans like gear rundowns with actual amps. Others like seeing amp modellers applied in new contexts. And for once,

Please do not take Voyager before attempting operating large machinery.

Washington DC's newest doom-mongers shatter the capital's foundations.

Win an Ibanez RG7421, the new Carnifex record, and a $25 gift certificate by doing nothing but reading a metal

Stop picking on the little guy. Tapping is fine though.