Original Tube Screamer Designer Susumu Tamura Launches Replica of Classic Pedal

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on one of what’s being dubbed the “best sounding Tube Screamer of all time,” then here’s your chance! Pedal makes Godlyke have teamed up with original Tube Screamer engineer Susumu Tamura to create the Ibanez TS808 TAMURA-MOD Tube Screamer.


The Ibanez TS808 TAMURA-MOD Tube Screamer has been developed over the course of the past three years by Tamura himself, who disassembled and analyzed hundreds of 808 variants from over the years. Tamura figured out that the best-sounding units all featured a specific brand of IC, which he then replicated and incorporated into his new TS808.

According to Godlyke, the TAMURA-MOD Tube Screamer generates primarily even-order harmonics at lower levels, but ventures into a blend of even-and-odd-order harmonics as the gain is cranked up. This yields an overtone series that accurately imitates the pre-and-power sections of a tube amp.

The Ibanez TS808 TAMURA-MOD Tube Screamer is already on its second round of pre-orders via Godlyke. Go grab one for $349 before they’re gone!

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