The New Affordable IBANEZ AZ Essentials Line is Pretty Great

Ibanez has just introduced their new AZ Essentials line, or Ibanez AZES if you’re not feeling the long name, which tops out at $349. We can confirm the line does indeed rule, thanks to the reviewing powers of Gear God Trey Xavier in the below video.


The AZ Essentials series is two models – the AZES31 and the AZES40. The AZES31 features a Poplar body with a 22-fret Maple neck and Jatoba fretboard. The guitar comes loaded with three single coil Essentials pickups in the neck, middle, and bridge position, all of which are controlled by a dyna-MIX8 switching system with an Alter Switch. In other words, you can switch between humbucker and single coil modes with ease.

Then there’s the AZES40, which features the same as the above in terms of wood choices. Where the AZES40 differs is that it replaces the bridge single coil with a humbucker, and comes with a T106 tremolo. Much like its AZES31 counterpart, the AZES40 features a dyna-MIX9 switching system with Alter Switch.

The AZES31 is available in either Vermilion and Ivory for $299, while the AZES40 comes in Purist Blue, Black, and Mint Green and is available for $349. Go get ’em.

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