IBANEZ Introduces Mini-Booster and Phaser Pedals

The Ibanez mini-pedal series is getting larger (by a very small amount) thanks to the addition of both the Booster and Phaser mini-pedals. Both pedals are produced in Japan and boast high-quality electronics and heavy-duty housings.


The BTMINI Booster pedal allows users to adjust their tone through bass, treble, and level controls. The BTMINI also features a Japanese-made JRC MUSES 8820, which is a op-amp used in amplifiers that delivers additional brightness, even when pushed pushed into overdrive. A true bypass switch provides the shortest, most direct signal path, as well as the cleanest possible sound.

Then there’s the Phaser MINI, which offers depth, feedback, and speed controls. Through these controls, players can conjure up a wide variety of sounds ranging from subtle texture to deep saturation.

The Phaser MINI also features 4-STAGE and 6-STAGE modes. 4-STAGE mode delivers traditional phaser tones, that you’d find in pretty much any rock music, while 6-STAGE mode provides more intense and dramatic effect that might fit in better with your spacy shoegaze band. Much like the BTMINI Booster, the Phaser MINI is also true bypass.

The Phaser MINI is available for $119 and the BTMINI is available for $99.

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