The GEAR GODS Coverage Of The 2019 Summer NAMM Show!

This year’s Summer NAMM in Nashville, TN was a total blast, and we here at Gear Gods got the scoop on a select few killer products that we’re very excited about for 2019. Check them out below individually, or head over to our Summer NAMM 2019 YouTube playlist to watch them all!

  1. The Gyrock Guitar from Wild Custom Guitars:

2. New axes from Kiesel Guitars:

3. BOSS’ new synthesizer pedal:

4. BOSS’ new wireless guitar system:

5. BOSS’ new looper pedal:

6. BOSS’ new 200 series line of pedals:

7. Soundbrenner’s watch for musicians:

8. Vola Guitars’ new axes:

9. Poly Effects’ new DIGIT pedal:

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