Summer NAMM 2015 – SCHECTER GUITARS Releases California Vintage Series

Many euphemisms exist for companies looking to put their own spin on a classic style of guitar. There’s no shame in making your own style of a particular kind of existing guitar – there’s very little room left for true originality in guitar design, and even when there is, few people embrace it. Plus, sometimes you can improve an older design with a simple twist.


Schecter has created some very forward thinking designs in the past couple years, but now they’re putting out something with a more familiar feel (Summer NAMM is in Nashville – the South is a bit more resistant to change).

One euphemism I see a lot is the “California” one – in amp design, it usually refers to a Mesa/Boogie clone. In this case, I believe it to be a strong nod to the home of Fender, whose factory is in the town where I live (Corona). You can see that there is a strong strat and tele vibe to these guitars, (a custom shop version of which is being played by Nick Johnston) – thus the name for the series: California Vintage.

For more info and pricing, check out the Schecter official website.

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