Summer NAMM 2015 – Lace Pickups’ Intentionally Twisted Guitar Neck

Lace Pickups makes pickups – that should be obvious from the name. They make lots of different kinds of cool pickups, including signature sets for both guitarists of Mastodon and one for High on Fire’s Matt Pike, and a whole slew of metal and extended range guitar pickups.


What might not be obvious from the name is that they also make some guitars. They’re not listed on their website, but in the background of the video below you can see some of their electric guitars, and now they have announced (at Summer NAMM) the Helix guitar neck design – a “twist” on traditional guitar necks. No, it’s not just a dumb pun, the neck of the guitar is actually twisted to allow your hand and wrist to sit in a more neutral position when you play.

I’ll let Dr. Randy Kertz explain the concept a little better, as well as give some advice for musicians on avoiding repetitive strain injuries.

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