Baroness Discuss the Making of Purple

The album I’m easily the most excited for this year, with maybe a few other contenders, is Baroness’ Purple. This is a band that’s been getting better with each album, growing in multiple directions and outlooks each time, and from the sounds of the first track they’ve released, this new one looks to be a more focused, filled-up attempt at some of the things they experimented with on Yellow & Green.


Of course, the elephant in the room with Baroness after Yellow & Green is intertwined with the fallout from the near-fatal bus crash the band’s van was involved in barely a month after the album came out. The fact that we still have this band, as well as a new album, is nothing short of a miracle, and the story deserves to go down in rock history as one of the most inspiring tales of recovery in pursuit of art.

Which is the theme of “Ultraviolet,” the band’s short doc about the writing and making of Purple. Check it out below, and pre-order the album at the band’s PledgeMusic campaign.

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  • I’m still having a hard time getting into this band again without Travis Blickle. But I’m willing to try!

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