PDP Guitarist Josh Seguin’s New Signature Guitar ‘Juggernaut’ Casts a Big Shadow


No one needs a 9-string guitar. There is a limit to the question “How low is too low?”, and the answer is usually “I’d say about 9-strings.” The guitars usually end up doing more harm than good…unless you get it made by hot-shot, guitar builder dynamo Jort Heijen of Red Layer Guitars. And that’s exactly what PDP guitarist Josh Seguin did for his custom 9-string Juggernaut.

It’s not just a guitar that he has there, it’s really a piece of interactive art. The attention to detail is painstaking, and it really pays off because hot damn, this is a guitar that guitarists dream of. I love that it seemed that Josh and Jort (new sitcom idea) were more partners in its construction than anything. The video above shows Josh talking through all of the detail the two took to pick the woods, pickups, even an ‘Alien’ themed glow in the dark them that’s fucking etched into the entire guitar. That, kids, is how you work with a customer. Take notes. All of that went into the build, AND the guitar sounds killer. A win-win-win if I’ve ever seen one. Watch the video and wish you had one of these beauts yourself.

You want that guitar? Too bad, it’s one of a kind. BUT, Jort does take inquiries. So if you have the dough and the time (about 4-8 months), check out the Red Layer Guitars website for deets. And check out Josh’s band PDP if you want to see this thing played. The fellas have a new album coming so look on Facebook for news.

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