The Ultimate INTERACTIVE Fuzz Pedal Shootout – 52 Pedals Go Head-to-Head


Oh yes, Gear Mortals. It’s that time again. The Ultimate Interactive Fuzz Pedal Shootout has arrived! In this segment, a whopping 52 fuzz pedals from various big-name, boutique, or otherwise manufacturers went head-to-head in…well, a really peaceful, stoner-y kinda way. As always, this interactive format lets you to skip-to-my-Lou-my-darling all over the damn place. Want to hear a particular pedal and bypass all the others? Click on it. Want to compare a handful of them? Click on the ones you want to hear and A-B the dickens out of ’em. Get the idea?

What you’ll hear in this shootout is a riff re-amped through each pedal running straight into a Revv Generator 120’s clean channel. There’s no amp drive here, because that’d be silly. Also, there’s a good chance that, if you’ve been searching for just the right fuzz pedal lately, your selection(s) made the cut. Hopefully this can help narrow things down just a bit, or introduce you to a whole slew of new options that complicate things even further. Either way, it’s a dope shootout.

You’ll find links to all 52 fuzzes just below; be sure to check out the previous Distortion and Overdrive shootouts too!

Fuzz Pedal Links

AJ Peat Dirty Buzzard –

Amptweaker Tight Fuzz –

Arts in Bloodshed Hexxed –

Arts in Bloodshed MRS Red –

Bad Pixel Fuzz Face –

BAE Hot Fuzz –

Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest –

Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh –

Bright Onion The Russian –

BuggFX Raincoat –

Caline Clear Veil –

Caline Puffer –

Dingotone Germanium Hybrid Fuzz –

Dingotone Imperial Fuzz –

Donner Stylish Fuzz –

Dr. Green The Hairy Tongue –

Dusky Electronics Octomotron –

Dwarfcraft Devices Necromancer –

Earthquaker Spires –

Friday Club Fuzwami –

Fromel Phuz –

FX Doctor 8-Bit Fuzz –

Henretta Engineering H-Bomb Fuzz –

Ibanez OD850 –

Jam Pedals Rattler –

Jam Pedals Red Muck –

JDM Green Meanie –

Jonny Rock Gear Jojo Cake –

JPTR FX Gainsaw –

KHDK Scuzz Box –

KMA Minos –

Lateral Sound Spore –

Mammouth Machine Holy Fuzz –

Matthews Effects Harbinger –

Mattoverse Bad Passenger –

McCaffrey Audio Green Vodka –

Mod DIY Kits The Contortionist II –

Mountainking Heavy Machine –

Outlaw Effects Five O’Clock Fuzz –

Own Horn Effects Brokeman Fuzz –

Petersen Engineering Dreamscape Fuzz –

Providence Stampede DT –

Rock Stock Dark Horse –

Rocktron Cottonmouth –

Skreddy Pedals BC239 –

SviSound Ge Fuzz –

Tech 21 Boost Fuzz –

Tone City Fuxx Fuzz –

Vaux Flores Gold Standard –

Wounded Paw Battering Ram –

Zvex Fat Fuzz Factory –

Zvex Wooly Mammoth –


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Gear Gods intern Maxwell studied English at Cal Poly Pomona and has since realized life ain’t all about semicolons and syntax. He’s studying audio now, and will probably judge your music taste before your grammar.

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