MESA BOOGIE Dual Rectifier vs. Mini Rectifier, Both In and Out of a Mix


Lasse Lammert, a dude with a gear channel, wanted to see how similar Mesa Boogie’s mini Rectifier is to the almighty Dual Rectifier. This little shootout is short and to-the-point, featuring both raw and mixed tracks for either amp.

There are obvious differences between the two, but they aren’t so glaring as to say one is objectively better than the other. Mini heads, while seemingly never quite identical to their full-sized counterparts, are a viable (not to mention portable) option for those of us who’d rather not lug around 60-pound heads, or who don’t need 100+ valve watts in our bedrooms.

Thanks for the demo, Lasse. For more videos like this, be sure to drop by his channel. And for the lowdown on everything Rectumfryer, educate yourself here.

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