JOSH MIDDLETON Shoots Out EMG Bridge Pickups

I’m a big fan of Josh Middleton and his awesome band Sylosis. I’m not so much a fan of EMG pickups. I’ve tried several different kinds, and although I found the 707Xs to be much better than the average active in my Strandberg Boden OS 7 review, I can’t say that it converted me. They do make some DAMN fine performance videos at their Santa Rosa facility (my old stomping grounds), and obviously loads of people like the EMG sound, so it’s not a knock – they’re just not for me.


Josh likes them though, and he’s taken it upon himself to try out 4 different bridge position pickups against each other. This was probably significantly easier than with any other pickups, thanks to the EMG patented Quick Connect system, possibly the greatest invention in pickup tech since Seymour Duncan’s winding machine (so +1 for EMG!). If only they would license the technology out to other companies….

Anyway, Josh makes them sound good, so check out the different sounds you can get out of them in the video.

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