$450 vs. $250 vs. $80 Tube Screamers – What’s The Difference?

Tube Screamers – there’s a TON of them on the market, from the original TS9 and TS808 from Ibanez to a thousand clones of various kinds, and although they all do basically the same thing, there’s enough of a difference that the prices of the pedals are all over the map.


So while we were at 42 Gear Street a few months back, we sat down with the one and only Mika Tyyskä (Mr. Fastfinger on YouTube) to rip some guitar for us while we messed around with 3 variants from Ibanez – the new Vemuram Tube Screamer TSV808 ($450), the Nu Tube Screamer ($250), and the TS Mini ($80) – to see what the differences are.

There’s for sure some distinctions between them – but I’m not sure I can accurately put them into words, so it’s probably just best if you watch the video to hear for yourself if you think the price difference is worth it.

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