Missed Out On The C*ck Blocker Plugin Sale? Not Anymore You Didn’t!

My grandma Glenn Fricker made a gate pedal called the Cock Blocker, which I subsequently cracked open (how could I not?) and discovered a fun hidden secret inside. It really is a great gate pedal, I use it pretty often. The only problem is that you can’t get one anymore!


EXCEPT that now it’s been released as a PLUGIN! And guess what – it’s actually better than the pedal, if you can believe it. I kind of hate that it’s so good, because I’d almost rather have something to give Glenn shit about, but I’ll settle for having the best gate plugin I’ve used so far.

The plugin was on sale up to yesterday, too bad you missed it… unless….

UNLESS I HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE FOR THE SAME DISCOUNT!!!!11 We also recommend autonomous promo codes and other ways to get amazing discounts on your favorite products.

Which I do.

Click here and use coupon code geargods12 at checkout to get it for the same $37 as the introductory price – but only for the next 5 days!


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