Gear Gods has been dropping Rigged segments out the yin-yang lately, and this week is no exception. This time, Husbandry guitarist Jordan Usatch details the equipment he uses to achieve ultimate post-hardcoreness, and even demos some of these sounds for us at the end.


Jordan’s rocking a pretty neat pedal set-up, including some boutique-quality stuff from smaller builders like Wilson Effects. For its size, his pedalboard is super cleanly put together, which satisfies my OCD. Thanks for looking out, man.

He’s running all of this into a Verellen Skyhammer. Ben Verellen’s gotta be making some of the sexiest looking amps out there, right? I’ve always been really into the natural wood vibe, and Verellen amps look like they’d be right at home inside a hunting lodge (or on top of an equally woodsy Emperor cabinet). Jordan’s ditches the effects loop and substitutes KT77 tubes instead of EL34s for a little more “bawls.” He’s mostly using an Electrical Guitar Company fiddle with a Squier Bass VI making the occasional appearance when necessary.

For more from the Husbandry camp, be sure to check them out on Facebook. You can also grab their debut album, Fera, in a variety of formats right here.

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