PLUGIN PLAY – DEEDS OF FLESH’s Craig Peters Reviews DRUMFORGE Eyal Levi Expansion

Check out this GearGods exclusive review of the Eyal Levi expansion pack for Drumforge by Craig Peters of Deeds of Flesh/Destroying the Devoid.


Based on the original Drumforge library sounds, Eyal Levi (Daath, Arsis) brings you this heavy as balls package with some help form his pals Joel Wanasek and Joey Sturgis. It requires the full version of Kontakt to use it properly. The library has 3 types of kit to play around with, so if you wanna branch out and try something that isn’t straight up hard-hitting neck-breaking metal you do have the opportunity to do so. With this expansion, you get a lot of the original sounds of Drumforge along with the new ones brought into the mix by Eyal.

As Craig points out, the samples are processed and not raw, so if that’s what you want then this might not be for you. However, as he mentions if you want the ease and speed of having a great drum sound right off the bat, then you need look no further. The cymbals sound great and actually sound genuine, and the ability to get a great sounding, punchy snare drum is easy too so you can get your mixes sounding killer with very little difficulty. There’s a good range of different sounds of which you can play around with in order to make your mixes as sexy as can be.

The pack also comes with trigger files so you can wire them up to a below average sounding kit with simplicity and be ready to destroy faces immediately rather than fanny around for ages to still get a crap tone.

It costs just $99 and is definitely worth it by the sounds of things.

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