I’ve set out recently to build myself a fly rig pedalboard, using only the finest mini pedals available. So what is that, exactly? A fly rig is a rig designed to be taken to remote shows that you play, generally by flying in, which limits the amount of stuff you can bring. So I wanted to make something that could easily be taken on a plane, getting all the sounds I usually use, and in doing so, help you figure out which pedals might be best for your sound.

So the idea is that each week I’ll shootout a bunch of the same type of pedal (wah, delay, OD, gate, tuner) and pick the one I think works best for my board, then I’ll add it to the board, and when I’m done I’ll have my ideal mini pedal board.

In Part 2 of the series, I shoot out 6 tiny delay pedals – the TWA Fly Boys Echo ($79), the Tone City Tape Machine ($85), the Hotone Skyline Series Eko ($80), the Mooer Repeater ($98), the Joyo Ironman Series Quattro ($75), and the TC Electronic Flashback Mini ($85). All extremely close in price, I was able to really judge them based on their features and not have to worry about the cost factor.

I’m using a Strandberg Boden OS 6 because it’s the most travel friendly guitar there is (outside of travel guitars), cables from Pig Hog, a board from Temple Audio, and an MXR Iso Brick.

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  • I quite liked the sound of the Tape Machine and Mooer Repeater, but it’s impossible to beat the features of the Flashback Mini. I believe it’s the only one with a tap-tempo function as well.
    That’s two-for-two I’ve agreed with the results. Can’t wait to see which overdrives and gates are tested next.

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