Mini Pedal Madness, Part 3 – Mini Overdrive Shootout


I’ve set out recently to build myself a fly rig pedalboard, using only the finest mini pedals available. So what is that, exactly? A fly rig is a rig designed to be taken to remote shows that you play, generally by flying in, which limits the amount of stuff you can bring. So I wanted to make something that could easily be taken on a plane, getting all the sounds I usually use, and in doing so, help you figure out which pedals might be best for your sound.

So the idea is that each week I’ll shootout a bunch of the same type of pedal (wah, delay, OD, gate, tuner) and pick the one I think works best for my board, then I’ll add it to the board, and when I’m done I’ll have my ideal mini pedal board.

In this, the third installment of the series, I shot out 10 mini OD pedals, which you can hear in any order you like in the video above by simply utilizing the clickable onscreen annotations to A/B them to pick your favorite sound. I also go into a bit of detail regarding each pedal at the end if you’re interested in how each pedal differs from the other.

Here’s a list of each pedal used in the video and where you can get ahold of them:

Xotic Effects SL Drive

TWA Fly Boys FB-02 OD

Tone City Sweet Cream

Tone City Mandragora

Tone City Bad Horse

Tone City Kaffir Lime

Tone City Dry Martini

Hotone Grass

Joyo Husky Drive

Mooer Hustle Drive

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  • This is where personal choice really comes in. I prefer a darker overdrive to accent and sustain the main tones, rather than using brightness for cut which often sounds too harsh for me.

    From these pedals, I actually really liked the Sweet Cream and Hustle Drive, the latter in particular seemingly the most versatile. The Bad Horse was also nice as a simple all-round overdrive. The Mandragora and Husky Drive sounded the most harsh and noisy to me, though they may have simply had the most gain.

    For my own board, I ordered a Tube Screamer Mini, mostly because I’ve never owned an Ibanez pedal before. I have the level dimed, the tone at 9 o’clock, and the gain around 10 o’clock.

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