Glenn Fricker’s Honest Gear Reviews #3 – Charbonneau 7 String

In case Glenn’s abrasive tutorials and racy music videos weren’t enough for you, he’s also begun doing gear reviews in the only way he knows how – honestly.


Luckily for Charbonneau, in this case he’s being honest about how much he likes the thing. I like to think I’m honest as possible in my reviews, but I might be a bit easier to please than Glenn, so when he’s happy, there must be something great going on.

Check out his review below, and learn more about Charbonneau guitars here.

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  • The horns don’t look quite right…

  • Gotta say it. I’ve bee nwatching this guys videos from the get go, but one thing that I think he REALLY needs to look at from a different perspective is his guitar tone. It’s fucking awful. Mushy, boomy, and just overall sloppy sounding.

  • For a hand built guitar, that’s insane. The only question I have is how is he making sure the neck to stand up to heavy, heavy strings for drop tuning?

    • thicker strings will still be the same pounds of tension as thin strings in standard tuning.

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