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Who’d have thought that I, Trey Xavier, most metal of all men (okay fine, not THAT metal) would enjoy a tremolo pedal of any kind? For this, I will refer you to Silent Bob:

Bitch, what you don’t know about me I could just about squeeze in the Grand fucking Canyon.

– Silent Bob

It’s true – I enjoy a great many things that are not metal (like there’s any effect that hasn’t been used in a metal song at some point) and the Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo is one of them. Honestly, I will personally probably never have any need for such a thing in my live arsenal (which kind of bums me out). But I can say this for sure – if you use tremolo, this is the king daddy of tremolos and you should boot whatever you’ve got off your board for this one right now. With 5 different waveforms to choose from, the ability to control the depth, the rate, or BOTH with the expression pedal, and a built-in spring reverb, I can’t see any other pedals competing at this level. For expressive players executing subtle dynamic shifts, having an expression rocker to ride the dynamics of the song in real-time is absolutely clutch.

Like other Ernie Ball pedals, it feels indestructible, the action on the rocker is really nice, and it’s freakin pimpin’ purple and gold. It’s got top-mounted jacks which keep the cables out of the way so you could fit several expression pedals on your board. The 5 different modes each have something interesting and colorful to offer, so there’s no way you won’t have something you’ll like in here. The bonus reverb knob just makes instant surf-rock sound that much easier to achieve, and really, what more do you need out of life?

If tremolo is your jam, you should probably get yourself one of these straightaway. It comes in a dandy shade of purple, and without a doubt you’ll be feeling pretty purple when you step on it.

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