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Hey Gear Mortals, today I am checking out the Producer 2+ workstation desk by Buso Audio. They are a company based in the Netherlands and specialize in making desks for all kinds of music production needs. Whatever it is you do that involves music, they probably have a desk that suits you. The Producer 2+ just happens to be the desk that I felt most suited me. I not only sing and play keyboards, but I’m also doing full time recording, mixing and mastering. So I needed a desk that could not just hold all my essential recording gear within arm’s reach, but also a desk with a keyboard tray that could hold my keyboard.

First, let me start off with the construction and material used to make this desk. From what I can tell, all parts of the desk are made of solid wood, not MDF, which is great! MDF is what you find in your typical Ikea furniture, and it’s not as strong or sturdy as real wood. It was shipped to me in a crate with all instructions and materials needed to assemble it, the only thing other thing needed is a screwdriver or if you want to make it easier on yourself, a power drill.

They designed the desk smartly, taking into consideration the functionality of the desk but also designing it in a way that it is pretty simple to build, and, if necessary, break down. It only took us about an hour or two to build it from scratch the first time, and we didn’t really encounter any issues that hindered our progress. It’s all laid out pretty well in their included documentation, and you can see us build it in the time-lapse video if you like.

Now, a few weeks after we built the desk, we ended up moving to our new studio here in Burbank, so we took that opportunity to test out how we would break it down and transport it to the new studio. Fortunately, it was way simpler than we thought it would be. All we had to do was disassemble the middle part of the desk, and that was pretty much it. We were left with 3 sturdy pieces that we could easily transport in a truck to our new studio space.

The rack space for each side is 6 units, which is probably the right amount to have for most people in my line of work. That being said, I quickly ran out of space, and I wish I had the ability to put rack units underneath the current rack spaces. Right now I have my power conditioners and other gear on the floor behind the desk until I can figure out a good solution. I found the placement of the side rack units to be great, and I like the angle Buso decided to go with – I don’t like it when the rack units are really high. Because the angle is mild, the space above that holds your studio monitors are just about at the perfect height. Also, since the sides of the desk come in, it helps you better to set up your listening sweet spot. The middle of the desk is nice and spacious with plenty of room for a mixer, keyboard, mouse, and a computer monitor. I originally had a 43 Inch TV as a monitor which I was told was supposed to fit, but unfortunately, it did not, so I ended up having to use my 27-inch monitor which fit just fine. Most people probably won’t be using a big TV as a monitor, but, if you are, be sure to check the measurements of the TV with its stand and the desk.

The only other thing left to go over is the keyboard tray. As a keyboardist, this is one of the most important parts of the desk for me and I was looking forward to finally having my keyboard in front of me. Like with the TV, my Korg Kronos keyboard didn’t fit, it was just a little too high go into the desk. I had to modify the tray to fit it, but now Buso offers custom sized keyboard trays when you order. Of course, you shouldn’t be expecting to fit a full 88 key in there, it’s meant for 61 key keyboards.

Overall I think the desk is great! Good material and craftsmanship, it looks and feels professional, and for the most part should work well for those in a similar line of work to myself. It would have been nice to have my TV fit, but it’s a small sacrifice to make to have a desk that improves my workflow as much as this one does. Surprisingly, the desk does not cost a crazy amount either. Buso is selling it for €1,073/$1300, which, if you’ve ever looked for a similar desk before, you know is a great deal. They have plenty of other desks at a variety of prices on their site, if you have been in the market for a great professional desk without breaking the bank, I would definitely check out Buso Audio’s offering.

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Alex Nasla is a keyboardist, producer and mixing engineer. He keeps busy making audio plugins for Rosen Digital, is audio director at multimedia company Toxic Creativity and is involved in 3 different musical endeavors. 

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