Primitive Weapons’ Ten Gear Commandmants For The Road

Photo Credit: Nikki Sneakers

Photo Credit: Nikki Sneakers

Primitive Weapons – one of the New York hardcore underground’s best-kept secrets – took their game to the next level with this year’s Surrender Yourself LP (out now via Party Smasher Inc), a gut-punch of tight, blissed-out punk music.


The band is out on the road right now with the mighty Cult Leader and Gear Gods favorites God Mother, so we thought we’d check in with the guys about what a hardcore tour in 2018 needs to keep its wheels greased. Check their list, and dates, below.

**We were just informed that the band popped a flat tire – so, guys, wtf boys, why isn’t “spare tire” on the list? Smh…


10) I am a guitar player but I often travel with a hi-hat clutch. Actually, I almost always have a hi-hat clutch. It is the most frequently-asked-for-thing at Saint Vitus. Drummers have a lot of shit.



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9) When taking a plane with an instrument, use duct tape to wrap your guitar case up. It keeps the case from accidentally opening when in transit (if you have to check it). You can also know if they opened it if the tape is cut (they have to retape it by the way). ALWAYS open your case up and check your guitar BEFORE you leave the airport. Once you’re out, you can’t prove that anything happened while in the possession of the airline.


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8) A pencil which I use to smooth out the saddles on the bridge of my SG. They can get really sharp, really quick.


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7) Find a pedal that simulates your amp. For me, I use a Mesa Triple Rec but have a Wampler “Triple Wreck” pedal as back up and for when I can’t bring my amp.



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6) Use a small Cinnamon Altoid tin case to store guitar picks.



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5) Drummers can never have enough drum keys cause they’re easy to lose. I travel with at least 5 and my guitar player often even has one, which comes in handy when I somehow manage to lose all of them. What can I say? Drummers are spazzes and I’m no exception. We lose things all the time.


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4) Another essential thing that I seem to never have at the right moments are drum heads and/or an extra snare drum. I beat the hell out of my drums and can’t even tell you how many times I’ve found myself playing shows and suddenly the top or bottom head breaks. Unfortunately, in many cases, I DIDN’T have an extra drum head or snare. But I think I finally learned my lesson after having experienced this on stage mid-set in front of 800 people at Roadburn, not to mention being filmed and not knowing what to do. Luckily I had a friend nearby who somehow found a snare to hand me during a song break



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3) Budweiser & Whiskey belong on the same line for obvious reasons. They’re both essential before, during and after the show.


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2) Rat pedal to make sure the bass sounds dirty and noisy at all times.



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1) I only try not to drink too much and knock over my water


Tour dates:

12/04 Montreal, QC – Turbo Haus

12/05 Hartford, CT – The Webster

12/05 Philadelphia, PA – Ortlieb’s

12/07 Boston, MA – Great Scott

12/08 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus

12/09 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar

12/11 Lexington, KY – Cosmic Charlie’s

12/12 Asheville, NC – Mothlight

12/13 Atlanta, GA – Drunken Unicorn

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